Australia and Pacific nations

Australian Indigenous and Pacific nation investments

Orbit Futures offers the astute investor, a range of profit share investment opportunities with the Indigenous peoples of Australia and the South Pacific.

We represent investment opportunities in New Global Markets of asset rich Indigenous peoples providing:


Gold, silver, copper and other semi-precious metals, in tropical and equatorial regions


Orbit Futures partners with Indigenous Assist Australia (IAA) to fund and assist with the delivery of Social Impact Investment projects to Australian Indigenous communities.

Orbit Futures has partnered with Western Australian Indigenous communities to develop the North East Kimberley, Stage 3, Ord River Agriculture Project, which the Australian Government has earmarked to become the “Food Bowl for Asia”.

Aquaculture and Fisheries

Multiple opportunities are available for developing land and sea, freshwater and saltwater aquaponic farms on Indigenous landholdings.

Fresh water aquaculture farming is available next to high-flow, fresh water rivers of Australia, and saltwater aquaculture farming is available for farming Tropical Rock Lobster, mud crab, barramundi fish, sea cucumber, and seaweed.


Orbit Futures offers investment opportunities for legacy projects with cattle-farming Indigenous peoples of Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory of Australia.

Tens of thousands of square kilometres of Australian, prime cattle country, are available for joint venture investment with the Australian Indigenous cattle farming communities in developing the world’s largest cattle, sheep, goat, and donkey, mixed herd farming station, with artificial insemination and traditional husbandry facilities.


Orbit Futures represents Indigenous communities in the South Pacific having substantial plantation timber reserves for logging. An opportunity is offered to invest in the development of timber mills on Indigenous owned land, for processing the logs for export.

Timber species including Rosewood, Vitex South Pacific Teak, and Sandalwood are some of the select species of mature timber are available for logging, milling and exporting.

Potable Spring Water

Mounted fed natural springs providing high-flow spring water are available for the supply of clean fresh water.

Joint Venture partnerships with Indigenous peoples, in commercializing the production and export of rainforest mountain fed, bottled spring water, are offered in multiple tropical and equatorial locations.

Medicinal plantations

A prime government approved, medicinal marijuana plantation facility, adjoining high-flow freshwater springs, located in a secure location of Australia, is available for developing large-scale medical marijuana farming.

Multiple Indigenous communities with bush medicine opportunities to develop the supply of commercial quantity bush medicine, including proven cancer curing bush medicine, are available in select locations of outback Australia.

Research and Development facility

Indigenous communities with Indigenous traditional medicine knowledge are supportive in establishing Research and Development facilities, on Indigenous land, in developing new medicines and cures for western ailments.

The Indigenous people of equatorial regions offer their land and their knowledge of traditional medicines in developing international research facilities on their country in the tropics.


Orbit Futures offers investment opportunities in a large social housing project with Indigenous peoples of Australia and the South Pacific. 

Orbit Futures represents remote Indigenous communities of Australia, seeking the supply and delivery of 2,000 culturally appropriate Indigenous community houses.

Additionally, Orbit Futures represents South Pacific Indigenous communities seeking housing in the aftermath of several major cyclones of the last few years. South Pacific nations seek the investment of supply of 34,000 houses to the South Pacific Indigenous nations.


Orbit Futures offers investment opportunities for sub-surface/above-surface tourism resorts, in-bound and out-bound tourism routes and destinations, including joint venture legacy project opportunities in Australia, Papua new Guinea, Fiji, Niue Island and American Samoa. 

* National Native Title map showing the regions, Australian Indigenous people Native Title, in providing investment opportunities in Indigenous Australian - New Global Markets

Australia and Pacific nations -
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