Our Projects

Orbit Futures supplies the means for governments of developing nations to bring to fruition the development of infrastructure projects which provide social and economic benefits for the nations of impoverished people.

Projects we are currently assisting governments in financing and developing for economic and social empowerment include agricultural, infrastructure and social housing projects located in Australia and South Pacific countries.

Orbit Futures advocates for sustainable developments of the least-developed First Nations and global South population.

Kaurareg First Nation Peoples (Horn Island, Australia)

Full spectrum people-centered and infrastructure-centered sustainability developments;

Orbit Futures is partnered with Indigenous Assist Australia (IAA) and Trikaur Tekman Traders, to source funds and develop showcase projects for Kaurareg first nation peoples and tropical economies. They include infrastructure-centred developments for natural and built habitat security, food security, border security, an international aviation transport hub, and medical facilities for treatment research and schools.

In people centred developments, for upskilling tribal peoples to Industry 3.0 and 4.0 manufacturing levels, and elevating the competence of native trade to modern commodity trade in tropical and equatorial areas and global South populations.

Tunuvivi First Nations Peoples (Bathurst Island, Australia)

Complete Full Cycle Agriculture Projects;

Orbit Futures is partnered with Indigenous Assist Australia (IAA) to develop the Medicinal Marijuana Facility with the Tunuvivi first nation peoples to provide an international agricultural project incorporating technology, processing and logistics, accompanied by housing and social infrastructure projects.

Wiradjuri First Nations Peoples (New South Wales, Australia)

Climate Change Adaptation Project

The Wiradjuri people are one of the longest existing people who have developing techniques to best adapt to the environment. 

In developing the means for managing the challenge humanity faces with Climate Change. Orbit Futures is developing a Climate Change resilience project which combines the latest technologies with the Wiradjuri peoples know-how of adapting to extreme environmental conditions.

The result will be the development of an Economic & Social community project showcasing the best practices for societies to adopt while adapting to live as one with the extreme environmental conditions cause by Climate Change.