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Latin America - Brazil

Investment representatives

Orbit Futures represents investment opportunities in Brazil, offering the astute investor a diverse selection of approved Investment Projects, in Brazil. 

We are representatives of widespread investment opportunities, including major Brazilian infrastructure projects, green energy projects, and in commodity projects, including mining and agribusinesses for export to the international markets. 

Regional Development Projects

Orbit Futures represent the government’s state manufacturing and construction investment projects, including partnering with the $2 Billion ABL mega project.

In partnership with ABL, we are providing the funding to be supplied in developing the Goias regional development. The development shall be of the mega Business and Technology precinct which includes the development of a logistical warehouse storage district for the export grade commodities of perishable fruit and vegetables.

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Orbit Futures partners with Somos Mineracao Ltda, and with the first nation Amazonian-Indian peoples, in providing mining investment opportunities in Brazil.

We offer joint venture partnerships in sustainable mining projects which include mineral extraction of Niobium, Tantalum, Cassiterite, Manganese, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Titanium, Beryl, Vanadium, and Rare Earth Elements.


Orbit Futures is a partner of the Indigenous people of the Amazon jungle. We provide environmental projects involving the reforestation of the Amazon and incorporate a conservation and maintenance scientific management division overseeing the program . 

A scientific bio and nanotechnology research centre shall be developed to support the reforestation program, and an ecotourism resort shall be developed for international visitors to view the Amazon and to raise awareness for the need of sustainable management of the Amazon. 

The project shall include the local Indigenous nations who will supply their knowledge in developing and maintaining the program. 

The commercialization of the reforestation project shall generate funding to additionally support the environmental commitment of sustainably preserving the Amazon and the environment.

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