Sectors of operation:

Services - Services    Investment Banking

Private Structured Bank Investment Programs are provided from Top-50 Banks.

Historical Bond redemption 

Paymaster & Receiver

Services - Services    Project Funding

Access to Project Funding for Environmental, Social, & Economic development. 

Project funding with JV Partnership.

Recourse & Non-recourse Loans.

Services - Services    Property Development

Property Development and Project Management, with Full-Life-Cycle Asset Maintenance.

Social housing, Green energy projects, agriculture, manufacturing, & tourism development.

Property Development providing Profit-for-Purpose businesses.

Services - Services    New Global Markets

Untapped opportunities with Indigenous peoples’, asset rich country.

Trans-national, cross-cultural development.

Untapped Investment opportunities.

Services - Services    International Trade & Logistics

Gold Bullion bought and sold.

Sale and Purchase of diamonds & gemstones,

Sales of raw commodity products

Services - Services    Consultancy

Consultants to Governments, Fortune 500 companies, Indigenous nations, & astute investors.

Project Managers, Consulting Advisors, & Cultural Diplomats.

Advocates of the UN 17 SDGs.