About Us


Founded in Sydney Australia in 1991, Orbit Futures has expanded to become an international multidisciplinary organization with offices located in the United States of America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Orbit Futures is an international consortium of Investment Bankers, Project Funders, Property Developers, Commodity Sellers, and International Consultants.  Our clients receive access to high-level services extending across a broad spectrum, that effectively and efficiently simplifies complex operating environments.

We work with astute investors to gain access to safe and secure Private Structured Financial Opportunities (PSFOs) with historically high returns on investments, and for investors seeking investment diversification we offer guided access to untapped business opportunities in New Global Markets (NGMs).

We assist governments and international corporations with delivery of complex turn-key projects, financed through PSFOs and United Nations accredited Investment Enhancement Programs.

Our industry specific consultants work with governments to secure project development approval, and our property development team assist in development and successful completion of major infrastructure projects. 

We are an organization that supports sustainable development with economic and social benefits for global South populations and remote Indigenous communities, where investors seeking returns and social-capital can invest in New Global Markets.

Our Trade and Logistic division is globally networked for the supply sale and distribution of commodities produced from New Global Markets business we are mandated to represent.

Orbit Futures is a single point of contact providing financial, economic and commercial benefits, delivered from a socially-responsible service platform.


Orbit Futures unique delivery is supported by accredited partners which include:

  • Elite Investment Bankers,
  • Banking Monetizers,
  • United Nations accredited Investment Enhancement Providers,
  • Special Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic & Social Council,
  • Connections to the governments of developing and least developed nations,
  • Representative partnerships with Indigenous peoples, and global South populations,
  • Expert consultants with close connections to governments, commercial industries, and cultural diplomacy with remote Indigenous communities.