New Global Markets

Untapped Business Opportunities

Orbit Futures combines business acumen with cultural diplomacy to enable astute investors receive the access to untapped opportunities of New Global Markets with asset rich Indigenous communities.

Our New Global Markets division assist with access to untapped and untouched markets in remote areas that provide long term strategic outcomes and returns.

The Orbit Futures Cultural Diplomacy team, of ‘Trikaur,’ represent Orbit Futures in partnering with tribal chiefs and decision makers of Indigenous communities in joint venture developments.

Sustainable development opportunities are made available through ‘Trikaur’ who have a long history of advocating relief for Indigenous peoples of the world; particularly global South populations whose traditional lands hold strategic value. This division enjoys management by a team of content experts who are Indigenous, whose life-experience of balancing European science and liberal-democracy rule-of-law with Indigenous science and cultural rule-of-lore is critical to success.

The Orbit Futures Trikaur team members are as comfortable speaking with tribal elders and leaders in traditional settings as they are speaking in high-level forums and with specialist operators at international national and local settings. Our content experts collectively have a 100+ years of skills, knowledge, and direct working experience with impoverished populations living in developing nations, and tropical economies.

Orbit Futures possess unique skill sets to open doors to remote locations where commodities, including mineral and pharmacological resources, are off-limits, or are difficult, to access. Through cultural intervention, decision makers of impoverished disadvantaged populations choose to participate and contribute to their societies and economies, through culturally appropriate entry to safe and secure sustainability.