Orbit Futures

Orbit Futures is an international consortium of Investment Bankers, Project Funders, Property Developers, Commodity Sellers, and International Consultants. 

We work with astute investors, international corporations, governments of developing nations and New Global Markets, including where:

  • Astute investors receive access to invitation-only Investment Enhancement platforms that historically deliver high yield investment returns through Private Structured Financial Opportunities (PSFOs).
  • International Corporations are given a single point of contact for property development approvals, project funding, development of major infrastructure projects, and distribution networks for commodity-producing projects
  • Governments of developing nations receive access to project funding for major infrastructure and sustainable development projects, with the country's impoverished people receiving technical and vocational skills transfer.
  • Humanitarian development opportunities are offered in New Global Markets with remote Indigenous communities on asset rich country, in commodities, property development, business development, and cross-cultural social development.

Orbit Futures operates in the following sectors: