New Global Markets

Orbit Futures are advocates, representatives and joint venture partners to New Global Market opportunities in remote locations, including tropical and equatorial regions.

We offer an untapped potential in these remote locations with joint-venture opportunities in mining, food security, housing, tourism, and tangible civil infrastructure projects. 

New Global Markets offer astute investors the opportunity to invest in long term legacy projects which return commercial, economic and social benefits in the following markets;


Mining Opportunities - Australasia

Orbit Futures offers mining opportunities to astute investors for joint ventures in:
  • Gold and silver, precious metals and gemstone: Commodities located in tropical and equatorial regions.
  • Oil and gas: 1.1 billion-barrel oil and gas green-field project in Tasmania, Australia.
  • Gold, copper and rare earth: Joint venture partnerships with Indigenous communities across Australia.
  • Marble400 year mining supply of the highest quality marble.

Agriculture & Livestock Project - NE Kimberley, Australia

Orbit Futures partners with Indigenous Assist Australia (IAA) to fund and assist with the delivery of Social Impact Investment projects to Australian Aboriginal communities.

The North East Kimberley Agriculture & Livestock Project is one such partnered project addressing Food Security which the Australian Government has earmarked to become the “Food Bowl for Asia”


Tourism- In-Bound and Out-Bound, Resorts

Orbit Futures offers investment opportunities for sub-surface/above-surface tourism resorts, in-bound and out-bound tourism routes and destinations, including joint venture legacy project opportunities in Australia, Papua new Guinea, Fiji, Niue Island and American Samoa. 


Sustainable Mining Projects - Brazil and South America

Orbit Futures partners with Brazilian company “AGM Total” and “Defender” endorsed by United Nations Environment Programme to deliver sustainable mineral extraction mining projects in Brazil with first nation Amazonian-Indians.

Mining projects include mineral extraction of Niobium, Tantalum, Cassiterite, Manganese, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Titanium, Beryl, Vanadium, and Rare Earth Elements. Orbit Futures offers joint venture partnerships in sustainable mining projects of diamonds and gemstones.

Housing Projects - Australasia

Orbit Futures offers investment opportunities in a large social housing project in Vanuatu involving the supply and delivery of 34,000 dwellings after recent cyclones.

Orbit Futures represents remote Indigenous communities in northern Australia, and offer investment and joint venture opportunities for the supply and delivery of 5,000 houses.


Livestock produce - Northern Australia Developments

Orbit Futures offers investment opportunities for legacy projects with cattle-farming Indigenous peoples of Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory of Australia, including investment opportunities for astute investors to develop the world’s largest cattle, sheep, goat, and donkey, mixed herd, artificial insemination and traditional husbandry facility.

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