Appointment of Project Advisor

We welcome Dr Alexandre Pereira as Orbit Futures Advisor for New Global Markets in Brazil, where he is working to implement the AGM TOTAL COMPANY / CENI INTERNACIONAL GROUP plan which includes developing projects in Brazil of Sustainable Mining ,Green Energy, Biorefineries and the development of the Indigenous Bank, Brazil.

The Mining project shall include the construction of the Tantalum and Niobium Oxide Factory (which includes 33 Oxides and Uranium Enrichment). This project is supported by the Foundation Forum of Sustainable Mining in Brazil with the Mining and Metallurgy Chamber.

Alexandre stated in his appointment speech that he has developed the partnerships for the financial Structuring of Mining Companies in the Northern Region of Brazil,  Pará, Rondônia, AMAPÁ and Roraima States In the Northeast Region. Being, mainly Rio Grande do Norte and the state of Paraíba.  Alexandre has also developed the project for the Acquisition of Large Glebas farms with an exclusive MoU with the European Union to develop the ​​Sustainable Rural Development project.

Alexandre has commented in saying we are evolving very well with the revolutionary Biodinamic Systemic Environmental Project with a focus on diversification: Aquaculture Fruit Farming Caprinoculture Apiculture Medicines Phytotherapics and expansion of Industrial Sweet Potato Fields for the production of Reformed Ethanol.  In the subject of the Indigenous Bank and Financial Operations, we are evolving Extraordinarily!

Alexandre concluded in saying, we are doing well in attracting international financial resources and relations with humanitarian, middle Eastern and Asian investment funding.  The Carbon Credits and Sustainability Credits our ahead of our time, and the UNEP Endorsement Consolidates Defender as one of the main organizations in the world on the theme of Sustainability Credits.  In Brazil, we are living in exciting times!

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